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This is the hosting server for open-source-hosting. It is based on something called "Convention over Configuration" and also my very long experience with software developmentsystem analytics, consulting, web development and even web hosting.

This website is based on major features of the "open source web application framework" called Grails.

Need/want a new website based on Open Source software / standards?
Want your website hosted here?
Want your website developed?
You've come to the right place.

Currently hosted sites / projects:

As well as:

  • inka-soft.org, open-source-hosting.org (not available yet)
  • philosophischer-austausch.open-source-hosting.eu (not relaunched yet)


Maybe because there is a football player named Osho.


I used to call it OSHO after the spiritual teacher, philosopher and mystic. I don't have any clue if the people who are running the OSHO Foundation - or whatever its name is - have anything against it.

Well, it's up to you….

Published on 01/09/2024, 9:53:02.
Last updated on 02/05/2024, 11:30:42.